We aim to deliver the safest product possible.

1. Smart contract

The address of LP-Swap smart contract (with source code published): https://bscscan.com/address/0x5512a8BE821b72252a34d2f43D2ED3A1e72a1d84
If you use LP-Swap to swap 100 BUSD for 5 CAKE with 1% slippage:
  • First, LP-Swap smart contract calls a private smart contract to perform the swap. This smart contract is private because it contains the secret sauce.
  • Then, LP-Swap smart contract verifies the private smart contract returned you at least 99% of your 5 CAKE, i.e. 4.95 CAKE. If it did, the transaction is accepted. If it didn't, the transaction is reverted.

2. No user fund held

The vast majority of DeFi exploits consists of stealing users funds held in smart contracts. However LP-Swap smart contract holds no user fund, thereby protecting LP-Swap users from most DeFi exploits.

3. Heavy testing

Every time we modify LP-Swap smart contract, we extensively test it via a battery of unit and manual tests.

4. Audit

We got audit offers from multiple audit firms. Audit is in progress.