We are two French wizards, with strong backgrounds in programming and mathematics, and a passion for cryptos and DeFi, and a dedication to easy-to-use products.
  • Lucas Willems (LinkedIn). Programming wizard. Graduated from ENS Ulm (most selective French research school). 10 years of experience in website creation. Know by heart Solidity's documentation. Hard-working and meticulous.
  • Jacob Leygonie (LinkedIn). Math wizard. Graduated from Polytechnique (most selective French engineering school). Finishing his PhD in Mathematics in Oxford. Speak math better than French. Rigourous and creative.
We ran crazy because of all the time we spent doing transactions (approving tokens, swapping tokens, creating / removing liquidity, depositing / withdrawing liquidity from yield optimizers, etc...). So we developed LP-Swap. But it was only for us initially.
As we felt in love with the product and heard other people complaining about the problems it solved, we decided to make it available to anybody.